Notification Center for Teams

Choir is the easiest way to stay in touch with what's happening on your team. We have a rich set of service integrations and a flexible API, so you can track code commits, payment notifications, and customer support tickets all in one place. Our hand-picked sound palettes keep you aware without being interrupted.

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Stay in the flow but be informed

Sound gives you ambient awareness without effort. No need to constantly switch contexts to see what's going on.

Powerful search to recall important events

Want to find out when Joe last did a deploy? Or see all event related to Melinda? Now you can.

Easy integration with your favorite tools

Choir provides built-in support for your favorite web services, and has a super-simple API.

Can I see Choir in action?

Absolutely. You can have a play with the GitHub real time activity stream, or the language specific ones for Clojure, C#, Erlang, Go, Haskell, JavaScript, Julia, Object-C, OCaml, Python, Ruby, Scala and Swift. You can also check out stories from our customers.

How does Choir compare with email?

Email is the most ubiquitous notification system out there. Nobody likes a cluttered inbox - which is why many people build an elaborate set of filters that effectively lets them ignore all but the most important email notifications. Choir is designed specifically to handle notifications: filter, search, turn the notification volume up or down, and keep all your historical events in one place for all team members to access.

How about chat rooms like IRC and HipChat?

Chat systems often do double-duty as real-time notification systems, something many peopel find irritating. Using a dedicated notification system leaves your channels free to do what they're intended to: interacting with fellow humans, and lets you control when and how you're interrupted.

API & Integrations

Integrations let you automatically pull real time activities from third-party services into Choir. Here is a list of external services we support:

AirBrake Hosted error monitoring and exception tracking
BitBucket Code repository for Git and Mercurial
Chargify Easily manage your recurring revenue business
FogBugz Hosted bug tracking from Fog Creek
Github Source control and code management.
JIRA Issue & Project Tracking
Kiln Hosted source code control for Git or Mercurial
NewRelic Application Performance Management & Monitoring
Papertrail Frustration-free log management
Pingdom Uptime and performance monitoring
Pivotal Tracker Collaborative, lightweight agile project management.
Salesforce Sales force automation & CRM
Stripe Web and Mobile payment, built for developers
UserVoice Customer support software
WordPress Hosted Blog platform
Zapier Automate tasks between other online services.

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